Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Question About Copyrights and Quoting with Linking...

This is a rather serious post - I hope people can shed some light on this for me.  I have been using mostly articles to provide content while working on some original stuff.  Apparently in the Terms of Use of many of these sites, users are prohibited from using the information in other websites (though I am quoting and linking back to the original sites)...  I do not know how to handle this, as I do not want to leave myself liable to civil/criminal action.

My question to you all is this: what would you do?  I am torn between just putting a blurb about the articles I post then a link to the articles to be opened in another window or keeping things as it is and seeing what happens.  I know I am not the only person that references/uses content and would like some input as to how you all would handle this.  If I have to I will dismantle the blog and redo all my posts with summaries and links to the articles... but would like to avoid it if possible.

I look forward to comments.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bloodletting And Knights: A Medieval Guide To Investing

Investing can be a very complicated and confusing monster to try to tackle.  As a fellow investor, I understand that many perils, traps and mazes face young investors as they try to conquer the world of investing.  I found an interesting article today that relates many of the popular and obscure investing terms to medieval times.  Enjoy the read - I found it to be a humorous yet informative article!

Find the article HERE.

Just a Quick Thank You to Everyone

Hello everyone!  I just wanted to make a quick post to thank you all for your input and comments.  I am thoroughly enjoying your views on investing and the comments you post.  I look forward to providing investing information and articles to you all for a long time to come!  Please let me know if there is anything besides real estate, stocks and the random tips I am providing that you all want to see and I will try to provide it.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Realities of Real Estate Investing

As everyone knows, infomercials and other marketing venues claim that real estate investing (REI) is easy, foolproof and that anyone and their mother can do it.  Though REI is not the most difficult concept in the world to grasp, it is definitely not for everyone - especially the unprepared!  Below is an article I found with some generic tips for young investors interested in real estate.  The article is pretty short, but does hit the nail on the head for a number of the points that it makes.  Definitely worth a look for those interested in REI.

Find the article HERE.

Quick Update!

Hey there folks!  I just wanted to drop by and apologize for not posting today - split and hauled/stacked 3 cords of wood today and was too exhausted afterward to find/come up with anything cool.  I will be back tomorrow with new stuff for you all!

If you are looking for some random/cool/funny stuff to check out until my next post - check out my other blog at!   It might be just what you are looking for to take your mind off investing and the economy for a few minutes... :-D

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Portfolio Management For The Under-30 Crowd

The stock market can be very confusing and choosing the right stocks can be tricky for investors of any age.  As a young investor myself, I found out early that my portfolio had to be different from my parents in order to *hopefully* avoid some of the same mistakes that they made in their investing.  Young investors have many options in this market, but it can be very difficult to either begin or decide what to do once you have begun investing.  The article below concentrates on the portfolio management and the beginning stages of a young investor's career.  I hope you enjoy it!  Let me know any comments or concerns that you have.

Find the article HERE.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A 7-Day Plan for Aspiring Real Estate Investors

Today, I found an action plan for all young investors looking to buy their first investment property.  Real Estate Investing is an amazing avenue to acquire and build wealth and there has not been a better time to egin investing than today's market.  However before you jump into the market, read through the tips in this article and make sure you do things right. 

Find the article HERE.

Also, if you are looking for some less-serious content, please check out my other blog!

Retirement Savings Tips For 18- To 24-Year-Olds

Though I recently left this age group, I feel that having a solid financial backbone is important for young investors, students and anyone else that intends to retire one day.  I found an article with tips for budgeting, credit cards, insurance information and a whole manner of other subjects.  Many of these tips, if followed, will help you start off on the right foot and maybe avoid the pitfalls many of us are experiencing in a tough economy like the one we are living in today.  I hope this article helps a few people!

Find the article HERE.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

5 Steps To Take Care Of Prior To Buying Real Estate For The First Time

Though this article may not be directly about investing, I feel it is a good read for any students, young investors or anyone else looking to buy their first home or investment property. Though not all of these will apply to everyone, in general they are steps everyone should take to ensure the smoothest possible transition from renter / basement dweller to a homeowner. Let me know what you all think.

Find the article HERE.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wall Street Faces a Grim Third Quarter

As a young investor, I am always looking for news on real estate, stocks and other investment vehicles.  Today, I present to you an article I found on Business Week's web site.  This article discusses the grim future that Wall Street is facing with the drops in trade volume recently.  These weak trade volumes and activity reports suggest the potential for a devastating third quarter on Wall Street.  Read the full article below for more information.

Find the article HERE.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Flipping Houses Tips

Image found at
Today I have some information about flipping houses.  This article includes tips and tricks for young investors who are looking into buying real estate with the intention of fixing and flipping it.  Though it takes some money to do, flipping properties is a time-tested way for investors to build operating capital to fund longer-term investing options or to make a decent living.

Flipping properties has become even more popular in today's down market.  The low prices of properties and the number of distressed foreclosures on the market have given an excellent opportunity for young investors and new investors to jump into the market and begin for a fraction of the price that a better market may allow for.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Informative Article About the 50-2 Rule to RE Investing

Real Estate Investing (REI) is all about the numbers.  There are specific ratios, values and rules that must be followed if an investor wants to see cash flow in a property - and let's face it... if a property does not cash flow it is not worth your time.  Though I intend to elaborate on these ratios and rules later, I found an interesting article that I had to share with you all.  I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Find the article HERE.


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